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93 Happy Things

I went out yesterday and took C to see Captain America. I had so-so expectations for this one, as Cap is not my fave Avenger (Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Coulson, everyone else, in that order) but C adores him, he fits her old-fashioned fish-out-of-water perfectly.

It was *awesome*. Note that I can't emphasize that enough. I mean, #3 or 4 of the franchise love. And I am really excited to see how this plays with AoS, which as been given so much shit for not being Marvel-y enough when they've really just had to hold out for this. The tie-in is so perfect and so exciting.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
I was totally expecting more Winter Soldier/Bucky, but that has totally ended to be a set-up for the next round, which is great. I had no idea the Hydra stuff was going on at all so it was definitely not what I thought and that is the joy of going in unspoiled. Natasha and Hill were absolutely amazing, and I loved the little bit we got to learn about the Black Widow. WHEN IS HER MOVIE FFS? I also want to see the names of the all the Hydra targets - I saw Tony, obviously, but I'm sure there other names out there we would recognize. Fun for the CGI team!

After we went straight to a friend's karaoke birthday party, where I apparently impressed the bartender with my order (Knob Creek, neat, with a cider back). I blame drinking bourbon neat squarely on Tony Stark and Dean Winchester and all the bad boys I adore. Then I sang Kesha and Foo Fighters and pretty much everything that came up. Which I NEVER do.

It was a good night. Happy things. :D

Apr. 4th, 2014

A client didn't show up today, so I sat in Starbucks and wrote for half an hour on springfling and bigpretzel's spring challenge. I need to do this more often, I get more done when I'm not at home. 

note to self

The Killers: When You Were Young

Dean/Cas video? 


Leverage, and Portland, and rain

We are finishing up the last season of Leverage, darling wife and I, and it's now officially set here in our city. Which is awesome, we get all the pretty daytime establishing shots of Portland on a sunny fall day. So so beautiful, and yes it is beautiful here.

But I've noticed. A thing. A thing that's sort of making me crazy.

When they do nighttime interior shots, with the rain against the windows (because really to not show it they'd have to...I don't know, film somewhere it didn't rain all the time?), they add lightning effects.

We get all kinds of rain here.

  • The other day we got a good southern torrential downpour.

  • We get rain while the sun is still shining.

  • We get skies that never change color from sun-up to sun-down, where it never stops drizzling but you barely notice anymore because it's just how it is here (this is how it is most of the time and why come the end of February, right before things start to bloom, I hate this city with the fire of a thousand dampened suns).

  • We get cold rain and warm rain and hard rain and gentle rain.

  • What we DO NOT get is thunderstorms. I mean, like, it's a big freaking deal when we get one.

So I'd say Leverage, stop teasing! But you're cancelled anyway and that makes me sad because I never got  to go see Chris Kane at Dukes. Bummer.

94 Happy Things


So we were watching Leverage tonight, and out of the blue, Wife, who is not a shipper or romance on tv person at all, said "You know who should meet? Reid and Parker."

I of course had to go see if that had been done, because fandom, you know? I found stories on AO3, or at least few, but most of the crossover stuff seems to fixate on Hardison and Garcia, which is fun too. I took a chance, as Wife doesn't do fic, and told her this, thinking she meant Reid and Parker as buddies. No, she means...romantically. SHE SHIPS REID AND PARKER.

I know it sounds confusing, but trust me. Mind *blown*. 

A Marvel question

I realized reading tonight that I don't know if Tony building floors in Avengers Tower for everyone is canon or not. Will I be disappointed when we get to Avengers 2 and everyone lives, I don't know, in a SHIELD facility or something? Because it's such a fic trope that I will be sad if so. 

95 Happy Things

stir_of_echoes is hosting (and I'm really late pimping) a MultiFandom Friending Meme for people still actually active on LJ, since we all have a load of friends who haven't posted in an age. So hello new friends, and thank you for being my Happy Thing today!

I'm Deb, or BiP. I started this LJ because I was trying to find Dexter episodes a million years ago, and then suddenly fandom happened. For Jericho, first, I think, and then Glee, which was really good for a season or two and then I don't even know, but my name is still on some stuff. Supernatural ate my brain, which to be fair I have to blame on tumblr's never-ending giffing of the boys. I'm also a fan of

  • Sleepy Hollow


  • Hannibal

  • Marvel MCU

  • Haven (although the writing makes me cray)

  • Firefly

  • Leverage

  • and I hate-watch Grimm

This journal is also my safe-space, where people I know IRL (with an exception or two) are forbidden and I can vent about stuff going on with my personal life. Right now, that's kind of a mess; I'm going through some caregiver burnout and trying on some different therapies for size, and finding there's precious little out there for partners of people with mental health issues. Lots of caregiver stuff if you're caring for someone medically fragile or elderly but not so much the mine field of living with someone on the spectrum. You can't block tags on LJ, but you're welcome to scroll past my whinging, or jump in.

Also sometimes I write stuff. I'm still trying to properly re-write my Fionavar story I fucked up for Yuletide (850 words instead of 1000), and it's two spring challenges time for SPN, and I'm working on a Haven story or two as well. They may never see the light of day, but who knows?

Anyway hello!! 

96 Happy Things!

WOOHOO It's time for SpringFling!!

97 Happy Things

Huh. Online, email, therapy. Who knew such a thing existed?? 7 day free trial, then $35 a week. I have a guy already who has made me think a little!